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EAC Solutions - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

EAC Solutions offers Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(MI), Deep Learning and Data Science services. We help businesses adapt to the intelligent solution by providing AI consulting, AI solution deployment, implementation and support services.Our proven experience and expertise empowers us to guide enterprises on how AI solutions can help in maximizing and ease business operations.


.AI can provide multiple options for military applications for strategic,operational and tactical level planning in many of functions such as intelligent,information processing and intelligence analysis,Training War-gaming etc.


Airlines companies are planning to implement AI technology to predict potential failures of maintenance on aircraft.Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus is taking measures to improve the reliability of aircraft maintenance. They are using Skywise, a cloud-based data storing system. It helps the fleet to collect and record a huge amount of real-time data.

Airlines companies are planning to implement AI technology to predict potential failures of maintenance on aircraft.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are one of the options available in the textile industry to integrate the elements such as production, quality, cost, information, statistical process control, just-in-time manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing. AI is playing crucial role in textile industry . Expert systems and artificial neural networks are introduced and future potential for the Indian textile industry assessed.


Artificial Intelligence helps oil and gas companies discovery of new oil fields a high priority need for companies in this space. This operation is generally termed the Exploration and Production (E&P) or the upstream level of the oil and gas industry. Finding ways to make E&P processes more efficient and optimize operations in this field are applications where AI is used.AI applications are currently used at the upstream level of oil and gas industry for Oil Corrosion Risk Analysis,Data Analysis,Exploration.

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